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AFWERX and NASA, ResilienX partner on digital Advanced Air Mobility operations centre

AFWERX is partnering with NASA to develop a digital operations centre for future Advanced Air Mobility efforts through the Civilian Commercialisation Readiness Pilot Program (CCRPP) awardee, ResilienX.

“With the fast-growing field of AAM technology, AFWERX’s Airspace Innovation and Prime Partnerships program has partnered with NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration to fill in technological and administrative gaps that present themselves” according to Air Force website. “Earlier in 2023, AFWERX formalised these partnerships with a Memorandum of Understanding and participation in the AAM Interagency Working Group to plot the future of AAM.

“The CCRPP is a NASA Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer program which takes mission-relevant technologies in development and infuses them with funding intended to foster commercialisation.

“This system is intended to enhance base security, special forces efforts, emergency disaster response, and passenger and cargo transportation planning. It is further being developed to include other technologies necessary for air domain awareness.

“ResilienX is a company focused on the holistic safety assurance of AAM ecosystems and is leading an industry consortium to create a digital system for AAM operations. The project intends to define and perform initial integration of an AAM Operations Centre that is scalable, tactical and enables verification and validation of the various systems and sensors involved in uncrewed aerial systems, electric vertical take-off and landing operations, and other advanced aviation technologies. The initial AAM Operations Centre will be built out in collaboration with NUAIR at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport, with an aim to test and transition it to additional locations by 2025.

“Each company in the consortium contributes their industry expertise and technological advancements to create the most robust system possible. As additional requirements are included by military and other government stakeholders, AFWERX plans to bring in additional industry partners in the next phase.

“The first phase of development will include a detailed need and task assessment, feature development with user interviews and observations, initial integration of baseline technologies, and testing. The second phase will see user testing of human factors, safety development, prototype testing, and a live demonstration of the system.

“For this project, ResilienX has received USD4.8 million in AFWERX and NASA funding through the CCRPP. The program is planned to progress through October 2025.”

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(Image: AFWERX)

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