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IAI “turns battlefield drone management system into urban drone-fleet controller”

By Arie Egozi

The need to operate large numbers of drones simultaneously in urban areas has increased the interest in the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Mission Operational and Intelligence Center (MOIC), say company officials.

MOIC was first designed for military use but according to IAI, the system with a few minor adaptions, is fully capable of handling the traffic of a great number of civil drones.

“The MOIC’s modular layout is based on mission operational cells. The all-inclusive headquarter generates an efficient mission flow which includes planning, controlling and monitoring mission performance, interpreting offline and online payload data, archiving raw and processed information ” An IAI source said.

He added that this mission flow provides a full operational picture of UAS,  and maximizes the fleet throughput by allocating assets according to operational priorities, enhances coordination of UAV fleet and manned platforms, improves safety, protects ground assets and saves manpower and resources by centralizing and automatizing operations and maintenance.

IAI claims that MOIC saves 30% of the manpower needed to operate the same number of unmanned platforms.

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