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Florida Tech offers new two-course series on Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility

Florida Institute of Technology is offering a two-course series on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)/Urban Air Mobility (UAM) that is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction of UAM to various learners, interested in learning more about or getting involved in this industry according to Meredith Carroll, Professor of Aviation Human Factors.

Dr Carroll says: “The first course, the UAM Ecosystem will introduce this rapidly evolving industry, including various aircraft in development and certification, associate technologies (e.g., propulsion systems and battery technology), airspace, infrastructure requirements, environmental considerations, human factors considerations, regulatory environment, operational constraints, and an understanding of how these key factors will influence emerging markets and mission types.

“The second course, the Infrastructure Planning for UAM, will focus on all aspects of infrastructure (physical and digital) planning and development that will be necessary to enable initial UAM operations and the evolution of the planning and development process required to scale these operations, including vertiport development, regulations governing aviation specific infrastructure, considerations for siting and placement of vertiports, airspace access considerations, design, environmental considerations (e.g., noise), land-use, electrification and related energy infrastructure, business models, and ownership of infrastructure, optimisation of vertiports and scaling of operations. The courses will be facilitated by Chris Fernando and students will have the opportunity to hear from and engage with experts from various domains and organisations such as the FAA, aviation consulting firms, and eVTOL manufacturers.”

For more information contact Dr. Meredith Carroll


Picture source: NASA

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