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ACRP publishes report on adapting airports for electric and hydrogen technologies

Airport Cooperative Research Programme (ACRP) has published its report entitled “Preparing Your Airport for Electric Aircraft and Hydrogen Technologies”.

According to a statement on the National Academies website “The Transport research Board (TRB) ACRP’s Research Report 236 offers an introduction to the emerging electric aircraft industry, gives estimates of potential market growth, and provides guidance to help airports estimate the potential impacts of electric aircraft on their facilities and to be prepared to accommodate them.

“Design innovation for electrically powered and hybrid-electric aircraft is accelerating rapidly. While there are many potential benefits of electric aircraft and hydrogen technologies, not all air service can be replaced by electrically powered aircraft in the near term.

“Accompanying this report is a toolkit (including instructions for how to use the toolkit) that includes a database of more than 100 electric aircraft and may be used by airports to estimate future electric power requirements at their airport based on local characteristics, such as climate, aviation activity levels, and existing electrical demand.”

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