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eVertiSKY publishes UAM checklist for cities

A checklist for city officials, urban planners, and stakeholders has been created and published by eVertiSKY, Chicago USA.  The company says the checklist is designed to guide the seamless integration of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) into urban environments.

“It outlines a structured pathway and provides detailed milestones for each project phase, from infrastructure development to service scalability, without overlooking any necessary considerations” according to the publication’s introduction.

“By identifying key areas of focus, the document ensures thorough preparation for UAM adoption. Emphasising strategic planning, stakeholder collaboration, and adaptive project management, it aims to streamline the planning and execution process. This guide supports cities in overcoming the complexities of UAM integration, enhancing urban mobility and sustainability effectively.”

For more information


https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7188401214546501632/ (to download checklist)

(Image: eVertiSKY)

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