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ITA Airways, Airbus, UrbanV and Enel partner to develop Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem in Italy

ITA Airways, Airbus, UrbanV and Enel have announced they are partnering to promote and develop the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem in Italy. The companies say the collaboration aims to promote this new disruptive technology and the development of a sustainable transportation solution with the commitment and cooperation of the national mobility stakeholders.

“This partnership expands on the initial Memorandum of Understanding between ITA Airways and Airbus that was signed in April 2022 and includes two additional partners, UrbanV, the vertiport network operator, and Enel as solutions provider.

“This new MOU will concentrate on establishing a joint roadmap for the development of an AAM ecosystem in Italy where the airline operator, the eVTOL manufacturer (OEM), the energy solution provider and the vertiport operator will work together to evaluate various business models in cooperation with national stakeholders that are crucial to the introduction of this new service in Italy.

“Concretely, the partners will focus on how to operate Airbus eVTOL CityAirbus NextGen, investigating the standardisation of ground services such as energy supply, charging infrastructures and support and service concepts, vertiport and its network planning as well as defining passenger experience models and suitable routes.”

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(Image: UrbanV)

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