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New EULER-NAV Baro-Inertial Attitude and Heading Reference System developed for urban drones and eVTOLs

AMS Advanced Air Mobility Sensors has launched its EULER-NAV Baro-Inertial Attitude and Heading Reference System (BAHRS), aimed at the next generation of drones that will be delivering goods in busy city areas. The company develops systems for urban drone and eVTOL applications.

The BAHRS unit features redundant sensors (3x IMU, 3x barometer, 3x magnetometer), which can help drone makers prove to EASA and FAA that their design is safe for crowded city areas; a customised design – so OEMs can fit the sensor to their unique system architecture and affordable pricing structure.

“In future we plan to add a tiny redundant GNSS-aided INS to our product portfolio,” said the company’s Dr. Fedor Baklanov. “Our company strives to accelerate innovation in mobility, robotics, and automation; spreading the knowledge of inertial navigation and related know-how and promote openness in science and tech.”

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