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Urban-Air Port selects Osprey as a preferred EV charging provider for future network of advanced air mobility hubs

Urban-Air Port the UK vertiport producer today announced in a press release that it has selected Osprey, a UK charge point operator, as one of its preferred partners to provide the charging for non-aeronautical vehicles at its vertiport sites, to help facilitate a seamless, intermodal, zero-emission journey and continues “as Urban-Air Port’s (UAP) Air One event in Coventry UK draws to a close, the journey to provide zero emission infrastructure is very much just beginning.”

During the three-week Air One event the company reports “Osprey has provided several stations as a means of demonstrating on-site ‘charging as a service’” and that “moving forward this will form a key part of UAP’s non-aeronautical revenue, which will be delivered through its digital platform and customer offering, ‘Urban-Air Choice’ and the accompanying app.”

“Osprey uses the latest technology to provide easy-to-use, accessible, rapid chargers, powered by electricity generated from 100% renewable sources”  says the press release and adds “the chargers accept contactless and app payments, and will be integrated into Urban-Air Choice on the UAP app.”

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(image: Urban-Air Port)

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