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Volatus links with Marsh McLennan to provide insurance cover for AAM infrastructure

Volatus Infrastructure, LLC has created a strategic partnership with Marsh McLennan to provide the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry with a turnkey electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) infrastructure package possible. Marsh McLennan will be the preferred partner for insurance solutions to Volatus customers.

“With Marsh McLennan’s dedicated aviation division, they have the best knowledge and experience that they are able to apply to the AAM industry,” said Grant Fisk, Volatus Infrastructure Co-Founder. “It’s important that we are setting up our customers with all the tools they will need to have successful eVTOL operations.”

According to Charlie DeLoye, Marsh McLeannan Account Executive, the focus is on three infrastructure, vehicles, and the end users.

“Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the complex infrastructure required for AAM operations and extensive experience working with a variety of AAM vehicle types, including UAS, eVTOL, and air taxis. We prioritize safety and are committed to addressing emerging risks and challenges with innovative solutions. We partner with our clients to navigate this new era of aviation, seizing growth opportunities without compromising on safety.”

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