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EVA and RDMC partner to develop cyber secure UAM and drone markets

EVA, a company in the low altitude economy and its infrastructure, and RDMC, a cybersecurity firm, have announced their collaboration aimed at enhancing cybersecurity solutions for the low altitude economy.

“As the world moves towards leveraging the low altitude economy for various applications, including urban air mobility and drone logistics, ensuring the safety and security of these operations becomes paramount” according to the press release. “The partnership between EVA and RDMC signifies a concerted effort to address cybersecurity challenges specific to the low altitude airspace.”

Olivier LE LANN, CEO of EVA, commented, “By leveraging our expertise in the drone infrastructure, tracking and precision guidance, with RDMC’s proficiency in cybersecurity, we aim to establish a robust framework that instils confidence among stakeholders and accelerates the adoption of low altitude solutions in healthcare, security, logistics, agriculture, disaster relief and more.”

Together, EVA and RDMC say they aim to develop and implement cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, including secure communication protocols, encryption methods, and intrusion detection systems, to ensure the integrity and resilience of unmanned operations in the low altitude economy.

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(Image: EVA)

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