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Paris 2023: Hanwha, Korea Airports Corporation and Urban-Air Port announce tie-up

Hanwha Systems, Korea Airports Corporation and Urban-Air Port® Ltd, have signed a Letter of Intent, committing to a future of sustainable air mobility by deploying an extensive range of technology-driven innovations to empower ultra-efficient, high-throughput vertiport infrastructure solutions.

“The short and long-term strategic partnership builds on Korea Airports Corporation’s portfolio of 14 regional airports with integrated design, construction, management and operation of air mobility infrastructure capabilities, Hanwha System’s vehicle development program, state-of-art UATM and expansive aviation technology expertise, and Urban-Air Port’s revolutionary proprietary vertiport technology, to provide a blueprint for an innovation-rich future of Advanced Air Mobility,” according to a joint company announcement.

“Alongside Urban-Air Port’s existing strategic partnership with investor, Supernal – part of Hyundai Motor Group, the alliance further strengthens the Korean AAM ecosystem, enabling scaling-up of pioneering vertiport technology solutions and operations globally.”

“To provide the safe and convenient experiences for people when using the vertiport, KAC is currently developing various vertiport infrastructure and integrated vertiports operating system.”

(Image: Ricky Sandhu and Andrea Wu of Urban-Air Port with Dongwan Yoo, Hanwha Systems,  and MC Jung, Korea Airports Corporation)

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