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Supernal researchers investigate UAM route planning in the high-density airspace of Los Angeles

The paper looks at the intricacies of high-density operations in congested airspace.

“Integration of UAM traffic in the National Airspace System (NAS) is challenging, more so in a busy airspace surrounding Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), one of the busiest airports in the world,” say the researchers. “In this paper we analyze the current air traffic pattern in the LAX region and design possible vertiport locations and optimal routes connecting them. These selected routes are evaluated in our highfidelity simulator for deployment in entry into service (EIS) and submitted to Provider of Services for UAM (PSU), an entity that supports UAM operators with meeting UAM operational requirements that enable safe, efficient, and secure use of the airspace. By integrating with a Vertiport Management System (VMS), we simulate the entire ecosystem that is needed to bring UAM to the market….

“The paper utilizes established helicopter routes to design UAM corridors in LA which can be approved by FAA. Routes are constrained by vehicle performance and conventional air traffic. The paper utilizes several concepts introduced by NASA to design approach and departure procedures in and out of the vertiports. The routes were tested in our high-fidelity simulator and connected with our Ecosystem partners Onesky (PSU provider) and ANRA (Vertiport Management System.) The paper shows a working ecosystem network that needs to be developed for introducing UAM vehicles. The developed routes were tested against conventional legacy traffic and each route was evaluated with proximity to legacy operations in LA.  The proposed routes need to be tested in FAA simulators before being approved by FAA. Several flight tests should be conducted using LOA with all the airports in LA before these routes can be used in practice. Supernal is also working with different micro weather and communication providers which will be critical for UAM missions.”

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(Image: OneSky PSU displaying submitted flight plan along with airspace restrictions.)

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