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Unifly launches independent e-identification and tracking system

World ATM Congress Unifly has launched an e-Identification and tracking solution for drones called BLIP. The device works in a completely independent fashion, with its own power source and sensors for position, altitude, temperature, pressure, speed and direction. As soon as the pilot attaches it to a drone, it is ready for use.

Koen Meuleman, co-founder of Unifly explains: “Drones are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. When a drone is observed, it is important to understand the pilot’s intentions, where it took off and who is controlling it. Both E-Identification and tracking provide this information.

Unifly BLIP (broadcast location & identity platform). BLIP is tailored to the specific needs of UTM service providers and local authorities. According to a company press release: “From the moment BLIP senses vertical movement, it automatically starts sending tracking data over the LTE wireless broadband network to the UTM backbone. Additionally, BLIP broadcasts the drone’s e-identification, 3D location and take-off position over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
“This information can be accessed in real-time by relevant authorities through secured applications. This allows for example a police patrol to read out all details of drones flying within a distance of up to 200 metres of the patrol’s position. With this device Unifly is committed to providing the authorities and drone operators with a reliable, highly integrated, robust, efficient and easy to use tracking solution.

•          High precision position data acquisition
•          Communication with the UTM system over mobile broadband networks
•          E-identification and location broadcasting
•          Weatherproof, fully self-contained enclosure
•          up to 4 hours endurance, wireless charging.”

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