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Lyne Ports launches platform for property owners to register potential vertiport locations

Lyne Ports, an “end-to-end solution dedicated to real estate services for Urban Air Mobility” has announced the launch of a global online property registration platform to “seamlessly integrate eVTOL & drone technologies into urban landscapes in a manner that bridges the gap between property registration for potential vertiport locations, vertiport developers and operators, and the intricate demands of urban planning, always keeping public and social aspects at the forefront.”

The company says its mission is to serve “cities where vertiports and drone landings are not just an after-thought but are integrated safely and efficiently. A place where residents are comfortable with the idea of eVTOLs because they trust the infrastructure. And most importantly, where vertiports are designed in harmony with provisions and local guidelines.”

The company says it will help property owners by providing:

  • Visibility: Gain exposure to a rapidly expanding network of drone and eVTOL operators in search of landing spots.
  • Future-Proofing: Showcase your real estate as innovative and prepared for the upcoming urban air mobility revolution.
  • Monetization of Opportunities: Unlock new revenue streams from drone and eVTOL operations.

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(Image: Lyne Ports)

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