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Rotterdam Port installs first vertiports – a year earlier than planned

In a Linkedin post Dirk PootDirk Poot, Marketing & Communications Manager at Bayards Group, reports:

“We are proud to have installed the Netherlands’ first operational vertiports in Rotterdam yesterday. This one is on the Dokhaven at RDM. In the Galileipark op Merwe-Vierhavens, we installed its twin.

This is one year earlier than planned by the Port in March 2022. According to a port press statement then:

“The number of drone flights – for inspections, security, crime detection, and in the not-too-distant future for parcel delivery – is increasing. This positive development is in line with the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s policy to be a clean and smart port. Drones are fast, clean, relatively cheap, and safe, and require little maintenance. In the hybrid port of the future, drones will be used in addition to vessels, trains, and trucks for the transport of freight and passengers. It is expected that the first vertiports (areas designed specifically for aircraft landing and taking off vertically) might be tested in Rotterdam in as early as 2024, to be followed two years later by the first commercial flights using flying taxis, albeit with a pilot. Manufacturers are currently developing these drones to carry between two and six passengers.”

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