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Paris 2023: Skyportz launches “Vertiport-in-a-Box” design

Air taxi infrastructure producer Skyportz today released the design for a vertiport to “support the rapid deployment of a network of air taxi landing sites globally”.  The company says these “vertiport products are affordable, modular, turn-key solution for smaller property sites wanting to join the Advanced Air Mobility future.”

Speaking from the airshow in Paris, Clem Newton-Brown, Skyportz CEO said “The focus of the industry to date has been on larger vertiports located in existing airports. This is the low hanging fruit which will form the essential backbone of an Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem.  Our first design is a tiny aluminium shell modular vertiport building that can be delivered to site in an open topped shipping container and can be affordably delivered anywhere in the world.  The modular monocoque aluminium shells come in three sizes that can be joined together depending upon space requirements and range in price from EUR 99,000 to EUR 235,000 plus fitout.  Finance packages are available.”

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(Image: Skyportz)

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