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SkyScape Vertiport Integration Platform selected to represent Japan

The SkyScape team has announced on social media that it is proud to accept an  invitation to “participate in the JETRO – Japan External Trade Organisation & UC Berkeley SkyDeck Startup Accelerator!”

The post continues, “Our team will work directly with a variety of mentors, VCs, advisors and academics over the course of the next few months to accelerate the development of our Vertiport Integration Platform here in Japan and the US.”

Asa Quesenberry, founder of SkySkape said: “The SkyDeck program will help us rapidly develop and prototype our Vertiport concepts and systems as well as other products our team have been working on.

“We strongly believe our involvement in this program will push us towards our goal of making AAM an industry that provides real value for the majority of society

“Our team will be in the silicon valley area for a large portion of November and are looking forward to meeting!”

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(Image: SkyScape)

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