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“The world needs 1,500 vertiports but just 300 planned” – Roland Berger study

Around 1,500 vertiports will be needed to sustain the operations of the 7,500 eVTOLs ordered, according to a new study from Roland Berger Physical Infrastructure requirements for Advanced Air Mobility , highlighted in a Linkedin Post from the company’s Dr Stephan Baur.

The demand is based on an average vertiport being equipped with five parking positions.

The estimated demand for vertiports far is higher than planned projects. According to the consultant’s figures, 200 new vertiports are planned and some of the existing 6,500 heliports could be converted to eVTOL operations.

“But all designs need to deliver on the same set of success factors,” says the compny:

  • “Time efficiency – AAM is all about saving time, spending as little time as necessary at vertiport is desired, thus short distances and efficient passenger flows are key TIME EFFICIENCY
  • Cost efficiency – Simple/low CAPEX construction design benefit eVTOL/eSTOL/eCTOL operators with lower landing fees and thus lower ticket prices to passengers
  • Ground mobility access – Guaranteeing access to a wide range of ground-based transport options with minimal switching time and offering convenient access to planned end destinations
  • Sustainability – Energy-efficient infrastructure powered by green energy with potential on-site energy production (e.g., solar power).
  • Public acceptance – Noise containing structures and overall appealing design blending in with neighborhood, providing services to local community.”

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