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Volatus and Neurobotx to simulate operations on Boeing-back Metapilot platform

Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions has formed a partnership with Neurobotx to be the first vertiport on the Boeing-backed Metapilot platform which will generate synthetic data for real world electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) operations. “As the first vertiport on Metapilot, the platform will help build upon and calculate where best to position VI&E Solutions’ vertiports to expedite travel time without compromising safety,” according to a press release.

The Metapilot platform aims to simulate 900 vertiports in key locations across the globe with Metaverse’s common partners across government, corporation, investor and regulatory bodies. Users will soon be able to interact with a vertiport for the first time and simulate take-off and landing with unprecedented accuracy on the Metapilot game website for free.

“The incredible advancements in digital twin technology allows the AAM industry to approach vertiport development as a complimentary element of a highly integrated multi-modal transportation system rather than a series of isolated projects. We look forward to insights from the Neurobotx experts and the greater Metapilot community,” said Dan Sloat, CEO of VI&E Solutions.

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