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Volatus announces launch of Series A investment campaign

Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions announced today the launch of its Series A investment campaign, according to a press release. The investment is being headed by Silicon Prairie and is open to accredited and institutional investors at this time. This round of funding offers investors an exclusive opportunity to become an essential part of VI&E Solutions’ story and the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) industry.

“Today marks a milestone as VI&E Solutions takes the necessary next step to strengthen the momentum we have created and continue our growth and expansion,” said Grant Fisk, Co-Founder of VI&E Solutions. “This round of funding will empower us to accelerate our core philosophy of accessibility to the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry.”

“What drew me to Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions from the outset was the owners’ genuine commitment to create real, practical solutions for how cities and towns alike can join in on this exciting revolution in transportation we call Advanced Air Mobility,” said Dan Sloat, CEO of VI&E Solutions. “Intelligent infrastructure is one of the single most savvy investments out there because vertiports enjoy network effect – they become more valuable with every addition.”

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VI&E Solutions offers three modular vertiport designs and charging stations for electric vehicles across all mediums: air, land, and sea.

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