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ADS calls on UK Government “to take decisive, timely action” to ensure UK AAM global competitiveness

This morning, ADS, the trade association for aerospace, defence, security and space, released Developing the eVTOL industry in the UK, setting out the five key areas that the UK aerospace industry believes should be the focus of Government and regulator efforts in the coming months.

According to a posting on the ADS website “These recommendations, expanded upon in the report, will be an important part of the UK’s roadmap to unlocking the potential benefits of new electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

“The five recommendations are:

  1. A well-resourced and funded Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  2. A clear set of regulatory and policy requirements
  3. Immediate prioritisation of infrastructure
  4. Collaboration to foster public engagement
  5. Safe, shared integration into airspace

“At its core, this paper calls for ensuring that the policy and regulatory environment, including the newly independent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), is sufficiently supported and empowered to act at pace to regulate the industry in a safe and appropriate manner.  This should be a top priority for the (UK) Government” and it “will need to take decisive, timely action to ensure that the UK is globally competitive.”

For more information and to download the report


(Image: ADS)

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