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Alef Aeronautics announces USD105 million pre-order for 350 flying cars

Alef Aeronautics, an advanced technology startup in San Mateo, CA, creating a flying car, has announced a pre-order agreement with an undisclosed, Hong Kong based company, for the purchase of 350 flying cars for USD105 million.

In addition to this agreement, Alef Aeronautics confirmed that it has received a “significant” number of pre-orders through its website.

The Alef “Model A”, unveiled on Oct 19 2022 at Draper University in San Mateo, CA. is designed as a 1-2 person car with a mesh-covered body that conceals eight propellers that allow it to become airborne.  Once airborne the company says the car “tilts 90 degrees so that the top of the vehicle is facing forward – and then proceeds to fly through the air.”  On the road the Model A is designed for street driving and parking as well as vertical take-off and is 100% electric.

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(Image: Alef Aeronautics)

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