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New Nordregio study identifies 200 competitive electric aircraft routes in Nordic area

The Nordregio research consortium has identifies over 200 routes in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in which electric aviation would shorten the travel time by at least 1.5 times, compared to the same route by car or public transport.

The “Accessibility study for electric aviation” is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, and runs from May 2022 until December 2024.


“A Norwegian fisherman Bjørn has just returned to Tromsø after his winter fishing in Andenes. It was supposed to take around 7 hours by car to bring the Atlantic cod home, but since the winter conditions were not the best, it took him much longer than expected. If there were an electric plane route connecting Andenes and Tromsø, the travel time and distance would shorten significantly (from nearly 500km to around 100km), and the environmental impact of such a trip would be reduced.

“The Nordic region shares many similar accessibility challenges for remote and rural regions. The geographical characteristics of some of these areas, such as large bodies of water, vast forest areas, long coastal lines, mountain ranges and fjords mean that they would experience a significant reduction in travel time using airplanes compared to other modes of transport, such as car, bus or train.

The study is based on looking at possible route lengths between 186 airports in the region. “A route has a significant travel time benefit if the travel time for both car and public transportation exceeded 1,5 times the travel time for electric aviation. I.e., if one of the existing transport modes is faster or up to 1,5 times the travel time for electric aviation, electric aviation does not have the potential to improve accessibility between the two destinations, according to our analysis.”

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