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LYTE Aviation and Crisalion partner on developing regional-last mile eVTOL connections

UK-based regional electric eVTOL manufacturer LYTE Aviation has announced it is to collaborate with five-seat eVTOL manufacturer Crisalion.  Passengers on LYTE’s 40-seat LA-44 SkyBus flying regional routes of up to 1000km will be able to connect top their final destination on Crisalion Mobility‘s five-seater Integrity eVTOL.

“As the only 40-seater eVTOL in the industry, also called the SkyBus, we can lead the way by initiating strong ties with two- to four-seater airtaxis and drones (up to 500kg) to take over the last mile for our passengers and customers in the future,” according to Freshta Farzam, CEO & Founder of LYTE Aviation.

LYTE Aviation reports it hopes to start operations with its hybrid-hydrogen tilt-wing aircraft within the next five to six years.

LYTE Aviation’s portfolio includes point-to-point mass transit of 40pax (SkyBus), cargo of 4.5 tons (SkyTruck) and 19 prime seats (X-Prime),” said the company in a press release. And recently, the company has expanded its portfolio to a “TurboBus” for Humanitarian Aid use cases, where the range is doubled to up to 2000km,  LYTE will additionally generate business for air taxis and drones through all these new use cases, which it actively promotes.

“LYTE Aviation is working in 19 different cities on four continents Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas on several new point-to-point regional routes for passenger mass transit (LA-44 SkyBus) and cargo transport (LA-44C SkyTruck), without requiring a runway.”

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