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Lilium to sell four eVTOLs, with 12 options, to UK helicopter operator eVolare

Lilium and eVolare, a subsidiary of Volare Aviation, one of the United Kingdom’s largest helicopter and private jet operators, have announced the signing of binding sale and purchase agreements for the acquisition of four Lilium Jets. Lilium says the purchase agreements include delivery schedules, guarantees, and warranties along with deposits and pre-delivery payments.

“The parties have also agreed on terms for the reservation of up to an additional 12 Lilium Jet production slots for eVolare and its customers” according to the press release. “Based in Oxford, UK, eVolare plans to operate Lilium Jets in the London area, connecting London with outer cities and the coastal areas of England.

“The current agreements follow an initial firm agreement between Lilium and eVolare in 2022, as the parties have been working together to reinforce their relationship, develop a network of vertiports in the region, and plan for operations of the aircraft upon entry into service of the Lilium Jet. This work has led to binding agreements with potentially up to 16 aircraft being deployed in the London area.”

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