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A startup’s novel unorthodox VTOL P2 Speeder has been unveiled

A flight-ready prototype of Mayman Aerospace’s P2 Speeder Air Utility Vehicle has been revealed at the Draper Venture Network CEO Summit in California.

Jetpack Aviation Corporation’s new startup Mayman Aerospace has been established to develop micro VTOL P2 Speeders to be utilized in a range of applications reports Interesting Engineering, which goes on to say the P2 Speeder is distinguishable by it having “eight jet engines, which run on regular Zero Net Carbon or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).  The carbon fibre body aircraft is about the size of a motorbike that offers an ergonomic pilot position designed for aerodynamic performance to maximize flight efficiency.  The aircraft features a modular design and can also be configured for autonomous or remotely-piloted flight. While P2 Speeder is aimed to be utilized in search and rescue, law enforcement, and military applications as a small VTOL personal aircraft, both configurations would expand its potential applications.”

Furthermore Interesting Engineering reports that P2 Speeder “can also serve as an industrial cargo transport, which is designed and modelled to lift 1000 lbs (450kg)  and fly 400 miles (640km) at over 500mph (800km/h) in unpiloted cargo mode” and that “Mayman Aerospace is currently working with the FAA to get the aircraft certified. The company is also in advanced discussions with potential customers from various sectors and remote flight tests are scheduled to begin in the third quarter of the year, while piloted tests are scheduled towards the end of the year.”

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(Image: Mayman Aerospace)

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