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Urban-Air Port and Blue Innovation to co-develop advanced air mobility vertiports in Japan

Urban-Air Port Ltd (UAP), the British start-up company developing zero emission ground infrastructure for eVTOL passenger air taxis and autonomous delivery drones, today announced it has signed an MOU with Blue Innovation Co. Ltd (BI), a Japanese autonomous drone and robotics solutions provider.

“The agreement will see the two companies” the press release reports “collaborate on creating several proofs of concept (POC) for autonomous medical and logistics drone operations and co-development of vertiports to establish the first advanced air mobility (AAM) hub using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Japan.  The development of the new vertiports will see the marriage of ground and air architecture driven by an autonomous digital platform at the core. Critical to this digital infrastructure will be BI’s Vertiport Information Management System (VIMS), powered by its Blue Earth Platform (BEP), a proprietary device integration platform that is capable of remote beyond visible line of sight (BVLOS) autonomous control and operation of drones.

“Since 2016 BI has been conducting extensive research and development into a vertiport system, the “BEP Port”, in collaboration with the Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan and the University of Tokyo, which combines their VIMS digital platform with infrastructure design – the expertise UAP will bring to the table.

“The collaboration between UAP and BI will enable further POCs to be developed in an effort to create social implementation of AAM not just in Japan, but on a global scale.”

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(Image:  Urban-Air Port)

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