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Advanced Air Mobility Institute, Jump Aero link to provide rural humanitarian aid services

The Advanced Air Mobility Institute and Jump Aero have signed a memorandum of understanding to form a strategic partnership to provide humanitarian assistance to rural communities through AAM technology.

Jump Aero is a California-based aviation manufacturer building one of the world’s fastest sustainable personal aircraft with a mission to enhance first response timeliness in rural communities. The AAM Institute believes that Jump Aero’s focus on providing emergency medical services to underserved communities will be critical to the mission of providing the broadest public benefits.

The two organizations are committed to working together in various capacities, from education to research to advocacy, to bolster their shared values and goals.

“Jump Aero is excited to partner with the AAM institute to help quantify the impact Jump Aero’s technology could have on first response operations in targeted rural areas. We share a common desire to maximize public good uses of Advanced Air Mobility technology, and we look forward to seeing the results of this new effort!” according to Carl Dietrich, CEO of Jump Aero.

“Our international research center supports a wide diversity of stakeholders throughout the AAM ecosystem. However, certain partnerships will be prioritized above all others because they translate to more lives saved. We have a great deal of admiration for Carl, Katerina, Tatum, and the whole Team at Jump Aero, and we are committed to promoting tangible solutions that benefit communities in such profound ways,” according to Dan Sloat, Founder and President of the AAM Institute.

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