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Aircraft leaser PRIMUS Aero to buy PAL V flying cars for its staff

Aircraft leasing company PRIMUS AERO is buying a fleet of PAL-V Liberty flying cars for their own staff.

According to Stephan Krainer, CEO and Founder of PRIMUS AERO: “The PAL-V is a time-saving machine for us. Our staff consists of highly trained and qualified experts, with decent incomes. Having them stuck in traffic jams is a very inefficient use of their time. By incorporating PAL-Vs into our operations, we will save time and money by reducing unproductive times.”

The news was announced in a press release.

“PRIMUS AERO aims to utilize the PAL-V Liberty not only for their own operations but also for their aircraft maintenance companies. Krainer elaborates, “Delivering top-notch service is our priority. Minimizing the downtime of our customers’ aircraft is vital. Currently, if a maintenance issue arises at an airport outside our base, someone must drive there. In Austria, this can be a long journey due to the mountainous and winding roads. By using the PAL-V to fly one of our maintenance personnel to the destination and giving them the flexibility to use the PAL-V as a service car when landed, we can greatly reduce the downtime of our clients’ aircraft.”

According to Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V: “The PAL-V Liberty can be used for a wide range of applications. With PRIMUS AERO, they will take advantage of its ability to fly and drive to shorten commuting times and provide their customers with door-to-door air mobility, something only a PAL-V can achieve. On top of that PRIMUS AERO’s extensive expertise in aircraft maintenance positions them as a key regional partner.”

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