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Dronamics cargo drone airline assigned IATA and ICAO Designator Codes

Dronamics has announced it has been officially assigned both IATA and ICAO designator codes making it “the first cargo drone airline with a license to operate in Europe on par with other international airlines,” according to the company in a press statement.

“Dronamics has been assigned the IATA designator code “OY,” along with the accounting prefix “651.” IATA codes play a critical role in the aviation industry, serving as essential identifiers for airlines, their destinations, and cargo documents” according to the press release. “These codes enable Dronamics to be officially recognised as an airline entity, supporting commercial interline agreements with other IATA carriers, facilitating connections with freight forwarders, and enabling the publication of flight schedules through OAG, the world’s leading provider of digital flight information.

“The IATA 2-letter Airline Designator code “OY” will be used to establish flight numbers for both scheduled and non-scheduled flights, providing standardised identification across its operations. Additionally, the Airline Accounting Prefix “651” grants Dronamics the ability to issue Air Waybills (AWBs), facilitating seamless cargo uplift within its extensive network.

“In addition to the IATA codes, Dronamics has also secured the ICAO designator codes. The ICAO telephony call sign “Black Swan” and the 3-letter airline designator “DXE” have been assigned to Dronamics. These ICAO codes are widely utilised by pilots and air traffic controllers worldwide, playing a crucial role in flight planning, communication with air traffic control, and the dissemination of vital information through NOTAMs (Notice to Air Missions).”

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(Image: Dronamics)

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