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ASKA “first company to start FAA certification with a fly-and-drive eVTOL”

ASKA reports in a Linkedin post that it has achieved a significant milestone with the ASKA™ A5 drive & fly vehicle as the first company to start the type certification process with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a drive-and-fly eVTOL. “We have already started ground testing and full field tests and we are working closely with the FAA,” says the company.

The full-scale, functional prototype of ASKA™ A5 was launched at CES Las Vegas earlier this year.

According to the company’s website, the ASKA™ A5 is powered by lithium ion batteries and a range extender that uses premium gasoline. ASKA™ A5 can be charged at home or conventional EV stations, which brings total range to 250 miles.  It has a flight speed of 150 mph and “our target is to obtain highway certification with a speed of 70 mph while in drive mode. The first deliveries may be limited to local roads.”

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