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Astronics reports USD20 million in eVTOL electrical system orders

Astronics Corporation – a provider of advanced technologies for global aerospace, defence and other mission critical industries – has announced that it has accepted purchase orders to provide electrical power distribution, conversion, and vehicle charge control capabilities from ten eVTOL aircraft OEMs who are developing electrical aircraft for emerging air mobility missions. These orders include Astronics’ previously announced programme win to provide its enhanced CorePower® electrical power distribution system for the Lilium Jet.

“The combined orders represent approximately USD20 million in sales over the period to certification and consist of hardware deliveries along with engineering support to achieve aircraft certification. Once certified, Astronics expects these initial sales to result in long-term production contracts,” said the company.

“Astronics has developed a set of capabilities and a family of products which provide a wide range of electrical power management solutions required by eVTOL aircraft. This includes high voltage conversion from 800 VDC (Volts Direct Current) through 1000 VDC converted down to 28 VDC, as well as low power distribution throughout the aircraft. The hardware is designed to be compact and lightweight, ensuring reliable power management from the aircraft batteries to flight-critical end use systems, including flight controls, avionics, navigation, communication, sensors, lighting, and passenger comfort systems.”

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