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Australia’s Ace VTOL wins AUD250 million order from Aeroauto for personal eVTOLs

Ace VTOL today announced a AUD 250 million order for its personal electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft from Palm Beach, FL based Aeroauto.

The GT Slipstream, is a two-seater that will reach speeds of up to 270 mph and will fly up to 300 miles on a single charge, says the company. “The GT features a patented propulsion system, powered by four next-generation Arc Reaction Engines, and is able to transition seamlessly from precision low speed flight to high speed A to B flight with the push of a button. The GT is designed to deliver the highest levels of safety, comfort and autonomy thanks to its sophisticated sensors, software, and systems. The aircraft is available in ten retro colors and is scheduled for market entry in the United States as early as 2027.”

Aeroauto,  a retailer of eVTOL vehicles in the United States, currently offers access to various personal eVTOL models from multiple manufacturers. The company provides comprehensive sales and service support, including flight training, maintenance and access to a national vertiport infrastructure. This partnership agreement signals a commitment from Aeroauto to take delivery of a minimum of 100 GT vehicles by the end of 2040.

“The Ace VTOL team is already in conversation with the FAA on certification pathways,” says the company. “The first prototype vehicle is expected to be completed within 12 months and will begin testing under experimental certification regulations, including the new powered lift piloting certifications expected to be required for eVTOL operation. The company’s simulation training for individual pilots will initially take place with NeurobotX , a Boeing-backed company focusing on advanced AI machine learning, offering owners early access to become familiarized with their reserved eVTOLs.

“Aeroauto will further invest in Ace VTOL with a commitment to support the launch of Ace’s air taxi variant, Trinity. Featuring a multifunction airframe, high-performance engine, and advanced flight management, the Trinity eVTOL offers efficiency, flexibility, and eco-friendly remote-piloted transportation for up to five passengers or one metric tonne of cargo and is the first eVTOL to accommodate wheelchair passengers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Ace VTOL, a company that shares our vision of making flying cars accessible and affordable for everyone,” said Sean Borman, CEO of Aeroauto. “The GT and the Trinity are remarkable vehicles that will change how people travel and live. We are confident that our customers will love them as much as we do.” Brett Northey, CEO of Ace VTOL, added. “Aeroauto is a perfect partner for Ace VTOL; they have proven their ability to sell and service eVTOL vehicles with the highest levels of professionalism. As a company in the emerging eVTOL space, we’re always looking for partners that share our commitment to safety, service and sustainability and we couldn’t be happier to be working with Sean and his highly competent team to bring eVTOLs to the personal transportation market.”

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