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Avincis partners with Airbus on mission profiles for eVTOLs

Avincis and Airbus have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to partner on the development of advanced air mobility (AAM). The companies say they will collaborate to explore opportunities for operating electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft throughout Europe.

“Through the agreement, Airbus and Avincis will focus on defining the concept of operations for eVTOLs in Europe and beyond” according to the press release. “Both parties will jointly work to define mission profiles for eVTOL operations in Europe and other target regions. This partnership agreement is another step towards the creation of an AAM ecosystem and is an expansion of Airbus’ long-standing relationship with Avincis.

“The Avincis global fleet currently includes ~60 Airbus aircraft, which are critical to delivering safe, reliable, and consistent operations from its bases across Europe, Africa and South America. Avincis and Airbus have enjoyed a longstanding and successful cooperation, developing a solid and trusting relationship that will form the foundation of this new eVTOL collaboration.

“Airbus remains committed to expanding its network of partnerships around the world in order to build an ecosystem that promotes a viable AAM market. The fully electric CityAirbus NextGen prototype was presented to the public in March 2024, following the vehicle’s final assembly and power-on in December 2023. The vehicle is now undergoing testing at the company’s AAM test centre in Donauwörth, Germany prior to its initial flight later this year.

“Avincis provides critical aviation services to the civil sector to save lives, safeguard communities and protect the environment. With a fleet of more than 220 aircraft, Avincis counts on a team of more than 2,400 courageous and talented professionals, including highly experienced pilots, crews and technicians. Avincis has bases in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, as well as operations in Mozambique and Chile.”

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(Image: Airbus)

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