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Bellwether Industries introduces the third generation of Volar, Oryx

Bellwether Industries, a London based company focused on human-centric solutions for advanced air mobility has announced on social media that its “third-generation eVTOL model, Oryx, is officially out right now. Inheriting the concept of our first volar, the new volar model Oryx is devised to be a three-seater eVTOL, with the key hidden propulsion system feature retained to assure its compact size.

The company also reports “Oryx’s electric power, similar appearance to cars, and compact size that fits in cities, are all indicating that Volar is revolutionising the transportation and the urban air mobility industry.  Oryx will be capable of bringing us a pleasant journey from Heathrow Airport to Canary Wharf within only 8 minutes at a cruise speed of 140 km/hr, while the distance takes 50-100 minutes by car.”

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(Image: Bellwether Industries)

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