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CAAC takes next step in certifying Aerofugia’s AE200 eVTOL

Chinese eVTOL manufacturer Aerofugia reports that on April 6, 2023, the first meeting of the Geely Wofei Changkong AE200 manned electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft Type Certification Committee (TCB) and the signing ceremony of the Special Certification Plan (PSCP) were held in Chengdu.

The event marked the agreement between the manufacturer and the regulator on a type certification plan.

“Based on the airworthiness requirements of the AE200 project engineering design, flight test, manufacturing, maintenance and operation, the committee and relevant experts will review the comprehensive planning of the type review,” reports the company.  “The convening of this meeting marks that the airworthiness certification work of the largest eVTOL aircraft in China has entered the stage of determining the airworthiness requirements. The follow-up development team will aim at the airworthiness requirements to carry out the R&D design and verification of AE200. Guo Liang, President of Wofei Changkong, Dr. Xue Songbai and his project team participated in the meeting.

Xu Dongyi, Deputy Director & Chief Engineer of the Southwest Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of China, Liu Xiaojie , Director of the Airworthiness Certification Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Ni Yongtao , Director of the Southwest Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation of China, Xu Wen, Director of the Xinjiang Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation of China, Northeast Region Management of the Civil Aviation Administration of China Zhang Renhao, deputy director of the Bureau, Zheng Xuefeng, director of Chengdu Aircraft Equipment Certification Center, Shenyang Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Center, Guangzhou Aviation Airworthiness Certification Sub-center, Aircraft Evaluation Center and other bureau leaders and relevant professional review representatives, as well as relevant civil aviation research institutes A total of more than 20 experts attended the meeting. The AE200 Project Type Certification Committee (TCB) and Project Review Team (TCT) were formally established. Xu Dongyi, Deputy Director of the Southwest Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of China, served as the director of the TCB, and Zhou Chenggang, a senior researcher, served as the AE200 project Project review team leader.

“At the meeting, Xue Songbai, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Wofei Changkong, introduced the AE200 product model design and expected operating scenarios, and reported the progress of airworthiness planning and project development. Zhou Chenggang, Southwest Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of China, introduced the preparatory work of TCB and TCT after the acceptance of the project. The committee reviewed and approved the establishment of the professional group of the AE200 project review team, confirmed the qualifications of the review team members, and the two parties formally signed the AE200 Special Certification Plan (PSCP).”

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