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CAAC “working on operating standards and requirements for EH216-S certification”.

The Central and South Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China has announced on its website the work it is undertaking to certify the EHang EH216-S for commercial operations.

According to the text, translated by google translate:

“The project review team carried out a type review of the EH216-S in accordance with the type certification procedures and the “Special Conditions for EHang EH216-S Unmanned Aircraft System” issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China as the airworthiness standard . At present, the applicant has completed the laboratory test, ground test, flight test and other test-type compliance verification work according to the certification plan, and the review team has carried out the certification test flight. The follow-up review team will verify and confirm airworthiness compliance according to the certification basis and compliance method checklist.

“In order to ensure that the EH216-S is put into operation as soon as possible after obtaining the airworthiness certificate, the Central and Southern Administration of Civil Aviation, under the guidance of the Flight Standards Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, is currently formulating relevant operating standards and requirements to ensure the suitability of the unmanned aircraft system. The aviation certification and operation were smoothly connected.”

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