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Advanced Air Mobility Institute and Gilmore Group form strategic partnership

The Advanced Air Mobility Institute has announced it has formed a strategic partnership with the Gilmore Group to develop awareness campaigns to build support and future acceptance for advanced air mobility. Moreover, the AAM Institute has announced Arthur Gilmore, President and CEO of Gilmore Group, as Senior Brand Executive.

“Our mission at the AAM Institute necessitates action that directly promotes inclusivity and accommodates people of all abilities,” according to Dan Sloat, Founder and President of the AAM Institute.

According to Authur Gilmore “Gilmore Group is committed to embracing accessibility as a guiding principle in all aspects of Advanced Air Mobility, both in the air and on the ground. We believe that designing a future where the travel experience can be made easier for all will contribute to broader acceptance, greater inclusivity, and a global move towards sustainability.”

As a first step, the AAM Institute reports that it has submitted a joint response to the Department of Transportation’s request for information (RFI), titled “The Importance of AAM Acceptance and Awareness”

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(Image: AAM Institute)

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