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Canada’s “first electric aircraft commercial flight” takes off in British Columbia – CAAM

The first-ever commercial flight of an electric aircraft, marking a significant step forward for the future of aviation training in Canada, has taken place in British Columbia, reports the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM) association.

“Sealand Flight, located in Campbell River, BC, embarked on this new journey in 2022 to incorporate the Pipistrel Velis Electro into their training fleet,” said CAAM in a press statement. “As one of the first flight schools in Canada approved by Transport Canada for a trial program, Sealand Flight has showcased their commitment to innovation and sustainability in aviation.

“Today, Sealand Flight conducted Canada’s first commercial flight in an electric aircraft. This landmark event featured an introductory flight lesson in the Pipistrel Velis Electro, allowing the student to handle the controls under the guidance of a flight instructor. This event signifies the beginning of a new chapter in aviation, allowing for revenue generation to occur for flight schools across Canada .”

Following this milestone, Sealand Flight will begin training several new students from the introductory stage to the solo stage using the Pipistrel Velis Electro. This phased approach is the first part of Transport Canada’s electric aircraft evaluation program. Subsequently, Transport Canada and Sealand Flight will determine the feasibility of further student use, including flying to Sealand’s other locations around Vancouver Island.”

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Canada’s First-Ever Commercial Electric Flight

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