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UK’s Connected Places Catapult publishes Skybus White Paper

Connected Places Catapult this week published its Skybus White Paper in which it says “Skybus is an innovative air mobility concept which could represent a significant advancement for transport in the UK.

“With a range of 25-100 miles and a capacity of 30-50 passengers, the Skybus concept could greatly complement existing transport modes.

“This white paper highlights the potential of this technology including travel time savings, environmental benefits and reduced congestion. It presents the findings of initial demand and price modelling, as well as a competitive and benefits analysis, and presents recommendations for further analysis.

“Connected Places Catapult worked closely with Skybus lead GKN as well as partners Pascall+Watson and Swanson Aviation Consultancy to assess the potential of Skybus.”

For more information and download the white paper

(Image: Connected Places Catapult)

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