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Findings published of Future Flight Challenge’s “Mini Public Dialogue”

Future Flight Challenge last week released its “Mini Public Dialogue” carried out by IPSOS.  The findings are published in a report by the same name.

The report’s Executive Summary reads “The development of future flight technologies is accelerating, with increased investment and a recognition of the growing potential of the capabilities these technologies could offer. This report outlines the findings of a UKRI and Sciencewise funded mini public dialogue on three different types of future flight technologies for civilian use – drones, advanced air mobility (‘air taxis’) and regional air mobility (‘eco-planes’).

“Participants recognised these technologies had potential and promise but expressed concerns about issues such as personal safety, security, collisions, and privacy; and attached conditions to their use. Many felt that the concerns and negatives outweighed the benefits, although there were some exceptions dependent on purpose, use and context. The exceptions included emergency and humanitarian use, improving infrastructure in rural, or remote locations, or improving the sustainability of public transportation. Others expressed that there remained considerable uncertainty about how these technologies were likely to evolve, contributing to some ambivalence about their future development.

“Participants sought and expected appropriate levels of governance over the use and development of these technologies, at both central and local government levels, in order to constrain uncontrolled expansion of commercial uses of future flight technologies. Participants wanted the introduction of future flight to be intentionally slowed by regulation and licensing so that the safety, social impacts, and environmental impacts can be fully observed and monitored during a controlled and cautious introduction.”

The report goes onto report at length about its findings relating to social considerations;  safety and security; and environmental considerations.  Download the full report below.

For more information download the report here


(Image: UKRI)

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