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D3 Technologies and Walle Mobility link to bring UAM operations to Italy

D3 Technologies and Walle Mobility have agreed to collaborate on exploring opportunities for urban air mobility in the Italian market.

According to a company press release:

“The two companies will create a state-of-the-art recognized concept of operations with D3 technologies focusing on the air traffic management part and Walle Mobility providing the air taxi service. D3 Technologies develops a unique solution for highly automated and safe commercial passenger transport in urban air spaces whereas Walle Mobility focuses on green, safe, and fast air taxi transportation in urban areas.”

Achim Kostron, CCO D3 Technologies said: “The future advanced air mobility system will be based on interoperability and requires to be handled with highest standards of safety. Walle Mobility shares our vision of highly safe and automated Advanced Air Mobility. We are happy to move forward together as this partnership is the first to demonstrate this kind of operations in Italy.”

“There are two large towns (Milan and Rome), more than 800 islands, a third of the surface is made up by mountains, nearby big cities are often 100-200 kms away from each other. There’s a huge potential also for leisure and sightseeing flights, for example Florence, Naples, Venice, and others. All embedded in an ecosystem of districts which are familiar with aerospace and automotive facilities and expertise”, said Kostron.

Since being founded in 2018, D3 Technologies with CEO Corvin Huber has already entered several relevant partnerships to significantly develop the market as a UAM mastermind for ATM, including Varon Vehicles, Manta Aircraft and Flynow Aviation. In May 2021 D3 also became a member of the Canadian Advanced Air Mobilitly Consortium for Urban Air Traffic Control definition and implementation in Canada.

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