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Ireland’s Lobo Leasing to support Orca Aerospace emergency services eVTOL programme

Ireland’s Lobo Leasing and Orca Aerospace of Hungary have signed a memorandum of understanding to support Orca’s emergency services eVTOL programme.

According to  a company press release:

“During the development programme, Lobo will facilitate design discussions between Orca and future operators of the Orca eVTOL aircraft and will connect Orca with suitable investors. As the development program reaches maturity, Lobo will arrange acquisition financing for future Orca customers.

Lobo Leasing is a vertical lift investment platform headquartered in Ireland with offices in Brazil, the USA, the UK, The Netherlands and Singapore. Lobo’s in-house team arrange and manage investments in both the existing helicopter market as well as the fast-developing eVTOL and advanced air mobility sectors.

Orca Aerospace is a Hungarian start-up in the urban air mobility ecosystem focusing on emergency medical and utility markets. Its eVTOL aircraft design is backed by engineers and pilots with experience in composite aircraft design, production and certification procedures. The team strives to have its eVTOL ready to deliver by the end of 2026.

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