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Dubai 2023: ArcosJet to purchase of 10 eVTOL jets from Lilium

ArcosJet and Lilium have announced ArcosJet’s purchase of 10 Lilium Jets, expected to be delivered through 2026 and 2027. This follows the appointment of ArcosJet as an exclusive authorised dealer for private sales of the Lilium Jet in their region, and means eVTOL travel will soon be available for customers in the Middle East.

“The Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet will offer the largest cabin in its category, low-noise, high-speed regional transport with zero operating emissions, where passengers enjoy large panoramic views in its spacious 4-seat cabin. Deliveries of the premium eVTOL jet are expected to begin in early 2026” according to the press release. “The Lilium Jets will be delivered to customers with a comprehensive maintenance program, pilot training, and two charging stations.

“The Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet is the first planned model of the Lilium Jet and will comfortably seat four passengers on estimated non-stop flights of up to 175 km at 250 km/h. The first manned flight of the type-conforming aircraft is scheduled for late 2024, with type certification expected in late 2025.”

At the 2023 Dubai Airshow, taking place from November 13-17, ArcosJet and Lilium are showcasing a full-scale mockup of the Lilium Jet interior experience for the first time in the Middle East, located at stand 84.

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(Image: Lilium)

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