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Dufour test flights at Dübendorf airfield

Dufour Aerospace has confirmed it is carrying out test flights at Dübendorf airfield with its Aero2 prototypes as well as with its smaller software testing platform AeroMini.

In a statement the company says “These test flights currently include two different types of activity. In so-called phase 1 flights, we do hover tests with our Aero2 prototypes X2.1 and X2.2. Hover testing requires only a small operational volume and can therefore be carried out just in front of our Dübendorf hangar. In phase 2, we do transition flights and therefore benefit from a larger operational radius. These tests take place over the main runway of Dübendorf airfield.

“Our test flight activity in Dübendorf has been planned and established in close collaboration with SkyLab, a non-profit foundation supporting scientific, technological and academic utilization of research flight platforms. Their support was very valuable in proposing safe and efficient procedures to integrate our operations into the active military airfield.

“All of our test flight activities have to be closely coordinated with Skyguide (Air Traffic Management) and the Swiss Air Force, who is running Dübendorf airport.”

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(Image: Dufour Aerospace)

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