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EHang signs strategic cooperation agreements with eight enterprises for UAM development

The Chinese news platform eastwest connect reports that recently “EHang held a joint signing ceremony for strategic cooperation agreements in low-altitude economic and ecological development at the Guangzhou R&D Center with eight enterprise entities.”

eastwest connect reported further that “The signatories of the strategic cooperation agreements with EHang included:  Romantic Red Group; Guangzhou Heli Chuangxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.; Huangshan Huishang Bank; Guangdong Dezhou Chamber of Commerce; Jimei Group; Shenzhen Hydrogen Blue Times Company; Guangdong Industry and Finance Group; and Lvji Technology Group.

“All parties will jointly create a rich and colorful urban air mobility (UAM) ecology around the green and environmentally friendly low-altitude new economic industry.

“Urban air mobility can cover application scenarios such as urban commuting, low-altitude tourism, logistics transportation, fire fighting, emergency rescue, etc., and has broad development potential.

“Fang Xin, the chief operating officer of EHang, said that the low-altitude economic and ecological development strategic cooperation signed between EHang and its partners will focus on low-altitude economic application scenarios such as air tours, further open up the industry’s ecological industry chain, and improve the development of global urban air mobility.”

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(Image: EHang)

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