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Ehang “to inaugurate first European autonomous air vehicle operations centre on 31 October”

Hispaviacion reports that on 31 October 2023 EHang will inaugurate the first autonomous air vehicle (AAV) operations centre in Europe.

“This inauguration represents a milestone in the deployment of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Europe, by integrating the operation of electric vehicles with autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) capacity, with the infrastructure, air traffic management systems, procedures and information technologies, of a European international airport.

“The creation of this operations centre, a pioneer in the world, arises from the collaboration agreement signed between EHang and Aeroports de Catalunya, within the scope of (the) UAM, and allows the national aeronautical and airport sectors to be positioned at the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility. An industry, with a market estimated by Morgan Stanley, of nine trillion dollars in 2050….The EH216-S aircraft deployed at the European Operations Center will allow the accumulation of extensive operational experience and the generation of knowledge, data and information, of inestimable value, for the development of technological solutions, regulations and procedures, for the safe and efficient integration of eVTOLs in airport environments.”

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(Image: The EH216 AAV has performed successful flight demonstrations in Spain under the European Union’s Air Mobility Urban – Large Experimental Demonstration (AMU-LED) project, as one of Europe’s largest Urban Air Mobility demonstration projects.

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