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Embention develops eVTOL navigation/detect-and-avoid mission management system

Embention has announced the development of “mission computer technology” to enable the safe operation of eVTOL systems for commercial use.

“The mass adoption of air taxis requires eVTOL systems to possess a high degree of autonomous flight capability to eliminate the need for a professional pilot on board,” said the company in a press release. “The Veronte Mission Computer, in collaboration with Veronte Autopilot, will be able to perform massive data processing from different cameras, enabling applications of computer vision and situational awareness. The Veronte Autopilot handles flight parameters (guidance, navigation, and control), while the Veronte Mission Computer executes operations that require extensive data processing (obstacle identification and categorization, navigation in degraded flight situations, etc.).

“The programme, spanning 24 months, has successfully concluded in the year 2023 and has entailed a series of tasks where our R&D expert engineers were responsible for the hardware design, manufacturing, and software development of many of its final functionalities. The application of Veronte Mission Computer as a foundation for the development of autonomous “air taxis” opens the door to a burgeoning sector today.”

This project has been carried out with the financial support of the Generalitat Valenciana and the AVI (Valencian Agency of Innovation).

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Veronte Mission Computer for enabling commercial eVTOL flights.

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