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Embraer X to highlight UAM concepts at Austin technology festival

Embraer X will be showcasing its urban air mobility eco-system concepts at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, March 8-13, 2019.

“The Prototype Room” (Hilton Austin Downtown hotel, room 602) will feature a series of interactive experiences for people to know, understand, and imagine flying vehicles and urban air mobility.All the technologies and activities developed by partner companies that are part of the EmbraerX collaborative ecosystem will take place at Embraer is part of the Uber Elevate Network, sharing the vision that on-demand aviation has the potential to radically improve urban mobility, improving the quality of life for people who live in congested urban communities.”

“The industry needs to build a collaborative ecosystem to reinvent mobility. But it will only be possible if we ignite people’s imagination and show we are not offering product, but a social transformation. SXSW is an obvious stage to spread this message by demonstrating Embraer moves toward to the future of urban air mobility and accessibility,” said Antonio Campello, CEO of EmbraerX.

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