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Eve Air Mobility and AirX Inc. sign Letter of Intent for up to 50 eVTOLs, Service Support and Urban ATM Software

Eve Air Mobility has signed a letter of intent with AirX, Japan’s public helicopter air charter service, for up to 10 firm and up to 40 optional electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The company says the order will support the continued development and scaling of innovative transportation operations in Japan.

“AirX is a pioneer of advanced air mobility in Japan and a digital platform company offering a total solution of charter services to the Japanese public via AIROS Skyview” according to the press release. “AirX announced the launch of the Greater Tokyo Area’s first eVTOL test field, the UAM Centre. This initiative builds on AirX’s history of offering aerial experiences through AIROS Skyview since 2015, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards sustainable and accessible urban air mobility (UAM). The UAM Centre is set to revolutionize air travel in the Tokyo metropolitan area, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and the future of transportation.

“The Asia-Pacific region is an important market for Eve Air Mobility. The company continues to build diverse relationships and work with its customers and potential customers to bring a new mode of transportation to help ease traffic congestion in the region. In addition to Japan, Eve is already working closely with customers and operators in Australia, India and South Korea among other locations. As the company works with local partners, its goal is to collaboratively build UAM ecosystems with its operating partners in each of the intended launch communities and is sharing information insights as discussions continue.

“Eve’s eVTOL aircraft utilises a lift+cruise configuration with eight dedicated propellers for vertical flight and fixed wings to fly on cruise, with no change in the position of these components during flight. The latest concept includes an electric pusher powered by dual electric motors that provide propulsion redundancy with the goal of ensuring the highest levels of performance and safety. While offering numerous advantages including lower cost of operation, fewer parts, optimized structures and systems, it has been developed to offer efficient thrust with low sound.

“Last year, the company announced that its first eVTOL production facility will be located in the city of Taubaté, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The company has begun assembly of its first full-scale eVTOL prototype which will be followed by a test campaign. Eve has letters of intent for nearly 3,000 eVTOLs and the aircraft is expected to enter into service in 2026.

“Concurrently, Eve continues to develop a comprehensive portfolio of agnostic service and operations solutions, including Vector, a unique Urban Air Traffic Management software to optimize and scale Urban Air Mobility operations worldwide.”

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(Image: AirX)

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